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Avengers: Endgame (2019)

I keep coming back to this movie for various reasons; this time it was because I was in a low mood and sought comfort in something familiar. I tend to skip a few scenes but watch the large majority of the movie.

Considering the expectations I personally feel that they did a tremendous job finishing off this particular phase of the Marvel movie universe. I have a few specific niggles but, aside from some eye-rolling and the occasional shout at the TV, it doesn't stop me from enjoying myself. Nonetheless ...

Iron Man misses his first shot at Thanos, like, really? And when he says, "Hit me, Thor," and then fires at Thanos, Thanos deflects it by SPINNING HIS ARM. What the hell? His shoulder socket is like an axle bearing (or whatever)? I mean, come on.

4½ out of 5.

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