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Early musical influences

Growing up I was subjected to the musical tastes of my father and my eldest brother; both had a preference for rock music, with my dad's being naturally older artists like The Animals, whilst my brother's was Led Zeppelin, Nazareth and the like. I couldn't help but be influenced by them and as a result my earliest choices reflected that as I listened to Adam And The Ants, Status Quo, and Queen - not exactly similar bands but still leaning towards the heavier side of the spectrum whilst most of my friends were into Madness, Wham etc.

Adam And The Ants were the first band I discovered for myself, that is no-one else I knew liked them at the time, and I remember buying their Kings Of The Wild Frontier album on vinyl and the joy it brought on the first listen. I also bought the Dog Eat Dog single and discovered the world of the B-side: new songs that weren't on any album; this particular one being (You're So) Physical.

For reasons I can't remember I bought their next album, Prince Charming, on tape rather than vinyl. My eldest brother mocked me for liking Stand And Deliver; his reasoning being that no serious band would have lyrics like "Da diddly qua qua" to which my answer was something mature and reasoned like "Get lost!" I also remember my cousin and I practising the "walking up the staircase" dance from the Prince Charming music video. Good days.

I still listen to their songs today and have a couple marked as 'love' in Apple Music.