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I'm an old man and I like Genesis

Going back to ([/2020/jun/10][my earliest musical influences]), Genesis is the one that I listen to the most nowadays and, in fact, I probably listen to them as much lately as others that I consider favourites, such as Hybrid, Röyksopp etc.

Three Sides Live is an album that, aside from being great and showcasing Genesis’s fantastic live performances, has a special significance for me as it was the first album of theirs that I sat down and paid proper attention to, rather than just hearing what my brother was listening to elsewhere in the house. It helped that I borrowed a friend's portable cassette player whilst on holiday and was able to spend time listening to it whilst relaxing in the sun.

My favourite album is Duke which, not only doesn't have a track on it that I don't like, but also has several of my favourites including Duke's Travels, which is a superb track and, if I had to choose just one, would be my favourite Genesis track overall. (Incidentally, other favourites include Afterglow, Undertow, and most other people's favourite: Turn It On Again.)

I remember being around ten years old when I learned that Peter Gabriel was the original lead singer and not Phil Collins, despite having heard many tracks with Gabriel on vocals and not making the connection that it wasn't Collins; I went to my brother and asked, in the typical child-in-awe tone of voice, "Did you know that Peter Gabriel used to sing for Genesis?!" He simply replied, "Yeah," and I was somewhat disappointed to have failed in blowing his mind.