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Scott Pilgrim vs. The World charity script read-through

The cast (most of them) read through what seemed to be the entire script via Zoom for charity. Not only did we get the sort-of movie itself, but we also got to see the cast members throwing in jokes and having fun with each other; it was heart-warming and added so much to the whole experience.

Ellen Wong and Mae Whitman both seemed to be channelling their characters directly from the movie; what I mean is: they were pitch perfect, sounding almost exactly like they did ten years previously. The other actors did their parts well, but for me, those two absolutely nailed it. Bonus points go to Chris Evans’ “evil ex” ([][eyebrow acting]), and Michael Cera’s rendition of “Ramona” – he was obviously nervous but went straight into it.

Overall, it was tremendous fun and I highly recommend watching it and donating to ([][Water For People]), the cause they’re supporting.