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More on Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse

I’ve been meaning to add a bit more to my brief review of Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse from last month. Needless to say: there are spoilers ahead.

As I said: there’s nothing I don’t like about it and I still do think that; I’d need to rewatch with a critical eye at some point rather than for enjoyment to see if there’s anything , but then I’d probably only end up finding something purely for the sake of it.

A few YouTube videos mention the style of the animation, specifically that it’s made to look similar to a comic book and that, when part of a scene is out of focus, the animators made it look like the print was misaligned; I noticed it early on in the movie but soon got used to it. I used to work at a printing factory many years ago and so was aware of how this looks. The movie is a moving picture and obviously is different to a printed page, but if you know these things then you’re sure to see it and know what they were going for.

The humour throughout is great and I laughed out loud plenty of times on my first watch. I still smile at those bits but, as with most comedy, after the surprise element is removed then you’re less likely to laugh as much (see the movie Dodgeball as a prime example). Saying that, one gag that will forever make me laugh is when Miles throws a bagel, it bounces off someone’s head and the word BAGEL!! appears in the style of “pow” or something similar.

As well as being very funny, it is quite an emotional movie with Miles going through a lot from seeing Spider-Man die, to discovering that his uncle is The Prowler and then seeing him die as a direct result of letting Miles go. Plus, Miles’s relationship with his father is really well done throughout, going from Miles being told he doesn’t have a choice but to go to the school, to his father telling Miles how he feels through the door - I was almost in tears the first time I saw that scene. These parts are handled well and have a lot of impact despite being part of a movie that’s so much fun.

This is such a great movie. And you should watch it.