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I watched Cloud Atlas (2012)

I’ve watched this movie six or seven times and have found myself skipping parts, but didn’t do so this time and it was almost like seeing it for the first time; I seemed to have forgotten much about the beginning in particular.

Having seen it so many times certainly made it easier to follow but made it no less enjoyable, especially with such great actors and interesting characters. It did feel like some of them were shoehorned in unnecessarily just to include them in certain times; Halle Berry in the Neo Seoul segment is completely unrecognisable under the makeup and is only in it for around 15 seconds.

I really like the crossover between certain times, aside from the central theme of reincarnation and love; things like Robert Frobisher reading Adam Ewing’s diary, the movie Sonmi-451 watched about Timothy Cavendish, and Adam Ewing’s blue jacket button.

One glaring problem that I may or may not have gotten wrong: in each different time segment there is a person with the comet-like birthmark; we see it on Halle Berry in the 1973 segment and we see it on Jim Broadbent in 2012 during his flashback to when he lost his virginity which, assuming that he is around 60 years old, would mean that both his and Halle Berry’s character were alive at the same time. I’ve seen discussions online mentioning this and theorising that Luisa, Halle Berry’s 1973 character, is fictional as Timothy Cavendish is reading a draft of a story about her life, but to me that makes little sense as she meets Sixsmith, reads Frobisher’s letters to him etc.

Still, it doesn’t lessen my investment in this movie in the slightest as there is simply too much enjoy.

4 out of 5.

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