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Conservative voters baffle me

I’m not a particularly political person, I vote in every election and I have my opinions, but I am not the sort to argue with someone over politics. People have their own opinions, and whether I agree with them or not, it is up to them to do whatever they feel best. That being said, I am friends with family who all vote Conservative and it just really annoys me.

The reason it annoys me isn’t so much who they vote for, but the fact that they are completely unwilling to entertain the possibility of voting for anyone else. Whenever I comment on their posts on Facebook, or even if we talk face-to-face, they refuse to accept any of the negative press about the Conservative party; they almost always say to me that I would do the same but, when I tell them that I wouldn’t and that I would in fact accept any article, positive or negative, about any politician provided it was credible and proven, they just wave their hand and accuse me of lying.

In the last few elections I have voted Labour and, when I mention to them about their almost fanatical devotion to their chosen party, they accuse me of the same and won’t accept it when I say that I simply vote for the party on whose policies I agree, not because I like their leader or any of the politicians under them; they, however, regularly gush about which ever politician is the current Conservative leader saying that “they’re doing a wonderful job“ even though the country is metaphorically burning to the ground.

I can’t tell you been number of times I’ve been told that “they’ve got to repair the damage of years of Labour rule“ but simply roll their eyes when I mention that the Conservatives have been in power for over 10 years and that the damage is all theirs.

It simply amazes me that every single person in the family, and I’m talking over 20 people here, seems to have been brainwashed into the same attitude. My father voted Conservative when he was alive, and my mother still does, but I started to question things before I was even able to vote; it baffles me to see this kind of behaviour especially when the future is literally at stake.