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The state of my reading

As I’ve mentioned in the ([][about page]), I don’t read as often as I’d like. This has nothing to do with not having enough spare time (I have nothing but spare time) and more to do with just not being in the mood; I tend to have a period of a few months when I’ll read almost every day and get through four or five books, but then one day will just stop and not pick any up for another few months.

I’m currently around a quarter of the way through Surface Detail by Iain M. Banks and am enjoying it, as I have most of his books I’ve read, which have so far only included those in his Culture collection. I’ll get back to eventually, hopefully soon, and will do my best to write a review; when it comes to books my reviews tend to be very short as I’m not the literary type.

I’ve enjoyed Banks’s Culture series immensely so far with only one or two books I wasn’t overly keen on (I can’t remember which off the top of my head) and I absolutely love his idea of how the society works and the technology it employs. It kinda makes me wish I could experience it and, when I’m in a low mood, I can actually feel myself longing to be there. It’s daft, I know, but I’m only human.

Once I get back to Surface Detail I intend to read the rest of his science fiction works (all his books under the “M” middle initial moniker are science fiction or so I believe) and then I’ll be looking for someone else’s to explore.