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The Umbrella Academy

I only started watching this after someone's insistence that I do so, which seems to be happening a lot lately. I'd seen it all over Netflix but for some reason I didn't feel like watching it because it had a talking chimpanzee – I can't remember my reasons for that exactly.

The first few episodes of season one were very engaging and got me hooked, but it dragged a little after that. The end of season one wasn't particularly exciting but I started watching season two for the usual "I need closure" reason.

Season two opened well and a few of the characters that didn't get much time in season one started to get more of their fair share, Ben especially.

I had been wondering about the other children who were born at the same time as the seven, but having Lila possess all their abilities but not use them until the climax was a bit of a "this will be handy so we'll make it happen" mechanic, and was a huge eye-roll moment for me.